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Clever Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

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Clever Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

If your dog is used to being outside as their main source of entertainment, when the weathers bad it can be hard to keep them busy. Bored dogs can get into trouble, so here are some helpful tips on how to keep them entertained!

Find the Treats Game

A simple, easy way to keep your dog busy: hide some treat around your house! Make sure to have your dog watch you as you place them around, and then have them use their sense of smell to find them. You can get harder as they get better, too, to really challenge them. This is a good mentally tiring game as well, helping with wearing them out. 

Teach Them To Clean Up Their Toys

If your dogs toys are kept in a container of sorts, it can actually be fun to teach them how to clean them up! This is also another good way to mentally tire them out. If your dog knows the “drop it” command, when they pick up a toy, have them come to the container and “drop it.” It may take time, as with any other tricks, but it’s a good way to teach them more and kill some time, too! 

Get Some Puzzles or Treat Toys 

Getting puzzles or other toys that dispense treats for your dog is a good way to also boost their mental activity. Often sold at pet stores or online, puzzles are usually simple games that dispense treats when they do something correctly. They successful at keeping your dog busy for awhile as well. They can also make your dog work for their food, which will tire them out! 

Use The Time For Grooming

Grooming your dog is not nearly as fun as toys and games, but it is necessary. This can be anything from brushing their fur, taking a bath, brushing their teeth, or trimming their nails. Some dogs may not enjoy this, but if you get them used to it and use positive rewards like treats and toys, you may find it easier over time.  

Schedule A Play Date

Know of anyone with dogs that your dog knows and loves to see? Plan a play date for your dogs! Let them play and get to know another dog which will improve their social skills. This is also a great way to guarantee they will be worn out by the end of the day! 



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