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“Talking dog”: Cooper using Talking Tiles

Cute and Funny Shih Tzu Videos

“Talking dog”: Cooper using Talking Tiles

“How I taught him to do this:
I’ve always wished that it was easier for my dog to communicate with me, so I bought some voice recorder buttons called “Talking Tiles” (…) and recorded myself saying various words like names of food. Then I added some simple diagrams to the buttons to represent the words. As you can see, he seems to look at the buttons and try to press the right one. I didn’t shuffle them around in this video because I didn’t want to get in the shot, but I frequently change the order of the tiles and he still hits the correct one almost all of the time. One problem I have is that he often steps over the other tiles while on his way to the tile he wants to be on. Sometimes I also wonder if he is intentionally hitting the wrong one to tell me he wants that instead! When I was first teaching him how to use these he would hit “sausage” over and over again, and you can see in this video that he still keeps hitting sausage more than the other tiles.”

~Cooper The Shih Tzu



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