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Love Dogs? Read This To Learn More About Them

Tips and Training Your Shih Tzu

Love Dogs? Read This To Learn More About Them

It is a well known cliche that man’s best friend is a dog. There is so much truth in that saying. Knowing about dogs can help your relationship between you and your dog. The article below contains information you need to read if you’re going to care for a dog.

Owning a dog is quite a large financial commitment. Food, vet care and supplies can add up quickly. Emergency care for animals can cost thousands of collars, so think carefully about getting pet health insurance.

It is fine to hug your dog, but avoid those wet kisses. Dog kissing may be adorable, but dogs have awfully dirty mouths. Remember that dogs use their tongues to clean themselves, and they like to eat garbage and drink out of the toilet. It’s just a myth that your dog’s mouth is just as, or cleaner, than yours. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Your dog needs to have an annual checkup, the same as you do. Since your dog can’t speak, it may be difficult to know when he is having health issues. Making an annual trip to the vet is the best way to discover and deal with these kinds of problems when they’re still manageable.

Neuter or spay your dog. This helps reduce the probability of cancer and extends the life of your dog. They are also more likely to remain close to home, reducing their risk of becoming lost or getting injured by a car or another animal.

Be wary of the flea treatment you’re going to use on your dog. Some medicines can put your children in harms way. Find out about healthy treatments that can keep you and your pet safe.

Dogs can be great pets. Remember, to be a responsible owner you need to be a well-informed owner. Now you know much more about having a happy, healthy dog. You’ll know the true meaning of the phrase “man’s best friend”.



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